Valentine's Day 2024 | Romance in a Glass

This Valentine's Day, dive into the poetic fusion of flowers, mocktails, and glassware with Solflora's latest enchanting collection: "Romance in a Glass." Inspired by the timeless allure of blossoms, the aesthetic charm of mocktails, and the elegance of glassware, this collection invites you to experience a symphony of beauty, romance, and sophistication in each meticulously crafted arrangement.

Immerse yourself in a palette of six colours, each thoughtfully chosen to complement a curated theme. Love unfolds in every hue, expressing emotions that transcend language:

  • Red (眷属): Mon à charge (My Reliance) - A deep and passionate hue symbolizing the profound connection and commitment in love.

  • Purple (钟情): Mon roman (My Romance) - Embrace the regal shades of purple, embodying the essence of a well-written love story.

  • Orange (初见): Mon soleil (My Sunshine) - Radiant and warm, orange represents the joy and brightness that love brings upon the first encounter.

  • Maroon (迷恋): Mon chéri (My Dear) - A rich maroon, symbolizing deep enchantment and endearment in a love that captivates the soul.

  • Blue (无畏): Mon ange (My Angel) - Serene and tranquil, blue reflects the fearlessness and purity of a love that knows no bounds.

  • Coffee (浓情): Mon moitié (My Partner/Soulmate) - Deep and comforting like a cup of coffee, this shade represents the profound connection of two souls as life partners.